Hilary Clinton Made An Appearance On Jimmy Kimmel Live


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Potential Democratic Presidential Nominee Hilary Clinton made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about her campaign and her views on some heated political topics.

One of the topics that was brought up grabbing the attention of many viewers was that of UFOs, which could not have been much of a surprise to her given that Kimmel has asked questions on that topic to both President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton.

“When we had your husband, President Clinton, on this show, I asked him about UFOs and Area 51,” said Kimmel. “If I was president, that’s the first thing I’d do. I’d go right into those files and see what was going on. And he said he did do that, and that he didn’t find anything.”

Whether Bill Clinton’s comments on the matter were true or not, clearly his wife is not convinced. “Yes, well, I’m going to [look] again. And you know, there’s a new name,” Clinton went on to say. “It’s unexplained aerial phenomenon – UAP – that’s the latest nomenclature.”

Clinton went on to say that, “If there is something there, I think we ought to share it with the public. Unless it is a threat to national security.”

While shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live are produced largely based on ratings and not necessarily on political relevance, it is still very interesting to see how political candidates running for office try to attract voters on a stage such as this one.

As the interview went on, Kimmel also touched on the subject of the legalization of marijuana and the fact that Clinton disagrees with her opponent, Bernie Sanders, and his hope to federally decriminalize marijuana.

“I think what the states are doing right now needs to be supported and I absolutely support all the states that are moving toward medical marijuana, but I want to see what the states learn from that experience,” said Clinton when asked about her stance on legalization of marijuana.

“There are still a lot of questions we have to answer at the federal level and what I’ve said is let’s take it off the schedule one and put it on a lower schedule so we can actually do research about it.”

Regardless of whether one is for legalization of marijuana or not, Clinton has a point in saying that even though it may have medical benefits for many people, this does not necessarily need to be a priority for federal legislation because it is largely untested and there is still a lot to learn about marijuana before lawmakers put another drug in the hands of Americans, especially a drug with potentially mind altering side-effects.

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