A New Art Exhibition Hits Boca

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With completely free admission to students with their school IDs, the Boca Museum of Art is showcasing the Helena Rubinstein: Beauty is Power exhibition.

Rubinstein was a cosmetic entrepreneur who practically brought makeup and elegance to the US.

However, the exhibition does not focus on the makeup, but rather the woman behind the business who thrusts her personality in the forefront of the world’s daring and audacious
business of fashion and beauty.

Even more beautiful than the portraits of Rubinstein by Pablo Picasso, Elie Nadelman and Henri Matisse, is the story behind them all. Rubinstein approached each artist and demanded that they paint her, interestingly Picasso originally declined Rubinstein but her fierce determination then inspired Picasso to submit to demand.

Now, 12 drawings from Picasso are currently on display at the museum along with the other portraits she demanded.

Kelsey Johnson, an employee at the Museum and one who overlooked the exclusive opening of the exhibition, a thought manifested upon viewing the exhibition, explained how when she looks at the many portraits of Rubinstein she is mostly fascinated by how
the various artists view and decide to portray her. Upon a second look one will discover
that although there are numerous portraits of the same woman, no two are alike, even if many are from the same artist.

Perhaps this is due to Rubinstein being such a manifold character. Some portraits portray her as soft and delicate, while others portray her as aged and distinguished. The only
artifact which is universal between each work is her demandingly charming presence.

The museum itself is very versatile and forthcoming of art of many styles, periods
of time and beauty. One can venture downstairs to view the portraits of Rubinstein with lovely wrinkles and pearls, with a look of experience and wisdom of a life few live, or travel upstairs and finda huge painting on the wall by an inspiring up-andcoming artist of famous rap MC Big Daddy Kane.

From abstract paper art to abstract sculpture art, still life, landscape and watercolor, Boca Museum of Art displays the diversity of the art world for the public rather than the pretentious. Even visitors without art backgrounds will feel welcome to experience the
beauty in which they may feel inspired and related to.

Joshuwa Deal

Joshuwa Deal is completing his final year majoring in advertising and public relations, with a minor in English. Deal hopes to create positive, innovative and relatable ads in the future that can be enjoyed universally. He believes professionalism and creativity result in success and change.

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