How To Lose Weight The Right Way

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There is less than a month till the summer vacation and many students are wondering how to get their bodies beach ready. Forget the crazy diets and magical pills, with these simple tips, there are no worries. These tips will be helpful for anyone who wants to get rid of his/her extra pounds without pushing the limits. Eat less and exercise more. It is as easy as it sounds!

1. Don’t skip breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A good breakfast, including whole grains and protein, provides the full energy anyone needs to start the day. It keeps the hunger down and reduces the will of snacking. The Elmore Dining Commons serves delicious eggs each morning. An omelet with vegetables or a cup of cooked oatmeal with a banana is a good choice to start the day with.

2. Drink plenty of water
Approximately 60 percent of the body is made of water. The human body needs water to fulfill its tasks. That is why it is essential to drink a lot of water during the day. Water makes people feel full and can actually cause one to eat less as a result. “I drink plenty of water every day to keep myself hydrated while I exercise. I am preparing myself for summer!” says Meshal Alsabi, junior.

3. Stay out of tempting food
It is not easy to pass through the dessert bar without grabbing a cookie or other delicious treat. However, choosing to eat vegetables, stopping by the salad bar more and having fruits instead of deserts will definitely help anyone who wants to lose weight. But it doesn’t justs top there. It’s important that students do not stock tempting foods in their rooms or apartments. Instead of holding ice cream and salty chips, healthy snacks such as granola bars or dried fruits are a better alternative.

4. Exercise more
No one needs to become an athlete to lose weight. Sparing only half an hour every day to exercise has a great impact on quick weight loss. Running 30 minutes every day doesn’t cause any harm to anyone. Exercise not only helps to lose weight but also makes one feel better and happier. When a person has spare time, it is best to use this time to workout and get physical activity done, instead of just laying around on the couch.

5. Never give up
The results will not happen over night. Patience and determination are the key words for a quick weight loss.

“ I was ready to give up after a couple of days of eating barely anything and walking on the treadmill for hours but then I changed my routine to eat healthier with variety of foods and exercise less intense but more often . I stayed patient for 2 weeks and continued my determination.

Romina Benzeray

Romina Benzeray is a sophomore from Istanbul, Turkey, majoring in advertising and public relations, with a minor in marketing. Benzeray is a big city girl who loves traveling and experiencing new cultures. Benzeray likes to go to the beach. She is looking forward to studying abroad and to continue her journey toward becoming a public relations specialist.

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