Bloomingdale’s Of Boca Raton To Promote A Millennial Campaign Created By Lynn Students

Sara McAveney, senior, Dominique Marghella, senior and Megan Selfridge, sophomore, had presented Bloomingdale’s with a campaign idea to attract more millennials into their store.

The trio presented a marketing pitch to Bloomingdale’s that included the revamping of the store’s millennial section and the creation of an internship clothing section where students can go to buy anything that they may need to wear to an internship.

“Our presentation in an IBC meeting room turned into Bloomingdale’s actually wanting to execute our event and idea,” said McAveney. “The entire experience was pretty cool for me, the event was very fun and we all received such great feedback from the customers, attendees and the Bloomingdale’s team.”

McAveney, Marghella and Selfridge were chosen from the College of International Communication to create this public relations campaign. The students took time to research Bloomingdale’s, study the departments and come up with ideas to increase attendance among college-aged shoppers into the store.

The students decided to have an event on the second floor of Bloomingdale’s where the millennial section is located. The event, “Festival Fashion” allowed guests to enjoy complimentary Raw Juice as they tried on different outfits from various Bloomingdale’s lines. Guests also had the opportunity to take photos in their new outfits.

“Being chosen to work on this presentation was an honor,” said Marghella. “It gave me a lot of hands-on experience of what it was like to talk during a business meeting. When they asked us to work on the event, I was even more excited because I was going to be able to put my team’s ideas into action. It was the most rewarding feeling and I am very honored to have been a part of such an amazing event.”

Professor Gary Carlin, assistant professor for advertising and public relations and Professor Stefanie Powers, multimedia journalism associate professor, helped the team create the campaign and encouraged them to work through struggles they might have endured.

“Professor Carlin encouraged me to get involved with this incredible opportunity,” Selfridge said. “Through this opportunity, I was able to get an internship in Career Connections, but without Professor Carlin’s support and belief in me I would have missed out on so much.”

McAveney also agreed that Professor Carlin helped their team realize their potential. Though the students mainly took on the project, the leadership and guidance from Professor Carlin and Professor Powers made them reach new heights.

“Professor Carlin has been one of my favorite parts of Lynn,” McAveney said. “He is the reason why I have stayed at Lynn. He has given me so many amazing opportunities that have led to other connections and jobs. He took me under his wing and made me realize all of my potential here.”

“Professor Powers is really influential,” said Marghella. “She has always been supportive of me and is always giving me new opportunities. Professor Powers makes me feel confident in what I am doing and I would not be where I am today without her!”

Months of hard work led these three advertising and public relations students to realize their full potential and what the future will entail. After a successful event, Bloomingdale’s was extremely happy and thankful for the campaign, ideas and insights that the Lynn students gave in order to help them become even more successful in their campaign to reach a millennial audience and make an impact among this growing demographic.

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