A Dog Is A Person’s Best Friend


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Dogs Have Always Had A Huge Impact On People’s Everyday Lives.
Dogs Have Always Had A Huge Impact On People’s Everyday Lives.

People have always had an unconditional love for dogs because of their companionship. They are truly man’s best friend.

In the U.S., it is very common for people to have pets in their houses. 62 percent of American households include at least one pet and approximately 42 percent of homeowners have dogs. Even though the world is  divided between cat and dog lovers, most people tend to like dogs over cats as they tend to be better company.

At Lynn, 100 people were asked to choose between which pet they prefered and dogs won with an incredible 92 percent over  eight for cats. Dogs tend to bring more companionship rather than cats because they are more independent. Also, dogs are more playful and joyful; they are always there with their owner.

In Boca, there are different ways of getting a dog; people can buy one at the two most popular places. The first one is Heavenly Puppies, located at 301 North Federal Highway, where they usually tend to have puppies exhibited and if the one that the client wants is not there, they can see if they can get hold of one.

“I have two friends that bought their dogs in Heavenly Puppies,” said Valeria Vega, senior. “One turned out to be beautiful and healthy and the other one gave a terrible allergy to the owner and had to be returned.”

On the other hand, Palm Beach Puppies has amazingly gorgeous and cute puppies as well. They are located at 9858 Clint Moore Road, and it is believed to be the store with the best dogs in town. Once someone enters this store, they have to leave with a puppy because they are the best one around.

“One of my friends from Caracas just bought a toy poodle there,” said Saul Bretto, freshman. “She is in love with her puppy and has had no trouble at all with the puppy; she’s the cutest dog I have ever seen.”

Even though there are many places to buy puppies from, there are also a lot of options for rescuing and adopting dogs around. The options are Peggy Adams Animal Rescue, Humane Broward, A Forever Home Animal Rescue, Tri-County Animal Rescue, Chesed Rescue, Dezzy’s Second Chance Animal Rescue, Have a Heart and Florida Humane Society.

Even though Boca not having homeless animals is a misconception, there are abandoned and mistreated dogs and cats everywhere and they need a good and safe home to have a second chance and a good life in.

“My brother adopted a dog,” said Gabriela Ibarra, freshman. “He is so happy to not just bring happiness to himself for having an amazing new dog, but mainly to the dog. He has seen the difference with Brus, his dog, since he got him; he is now more happy, comfortable and playful.”

Adopt a Furry friend.
Adopt a Furry friend.

For commuters, getting a dog is highly recommended to cure loneliness, homesickness, need of love and to learn responsibilities to grow as a person. There is nothing better than getting home and having this awesome dog crying of happiness because their owner is back. Those people that have adopted or bought a dog treat them as family rather than a pet; they are the most amazing, full of genuine love and good vibes and energy must-have for people.

“I was so depressed without my dog that I had to bring him from Venezuela to live with me,” said Carlotta Kauffmann, senior.


Daniela Ava

Daniela Ava is a senior studying multimedia journalism with a minor in fashion management. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Ava moved to the U.S. two and a half years ago. Currently, Ava is president of the Best Buddies Organization, after being a member and treasurer for two years.

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