Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly’s Breakup

A Lesson for Society

By Sydney Burke, Social Media Editor

While many celebrity breakups are easy to move on from, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s breakup may provide an important lesson to society.

In February, Megan Fox posted pictures on Instagram that led many followers to believe that she and Machine Gun Kelly broke up and that domestic violence was a factor in their separation.

The couple announced their engagement in January 2022 but immediately faced criticism once fans noticed Fox’s ring was intended to hurt her if she ever took it off because it was inlaid with thorns. The former couple had a history of doing odd things with each other, including being chained together at public events, openness regarding fights and more.

Although everything is speculative, many fans believe physical and verbal abuse may be a part of the couple’s breakup. Before deactivating her Instagram account, Fox unfollowed Machine Gun Kelly and posted a photo in front of a domestic abuse poster.

“I think it’s crazy that people aren’t talking about this as much as many other celebrity breakups,” said Laura Tupler, a junior. “Accusations of domestic abuse should be taken much more seriously whether it is a celebrity or an average person.”

The couple attended the Grammy Awards in early February, where they seemed to be doing fine. However, Fox suffered a concussion and broken wrist before the awards, which many fans now believe was related to Machine Gun Kelly.

One of the many reasons people are suspicious is Machine Gun Kelly’s long history of abuse. In 2012, the singer publicly hit on the daughter of rapper Eminem, who was then underage, which started drama between the two artists.

“Not only as an Eminem fan but as a human being, I’m glad people are starting to get skeptical over MGK’s behavior,” said alumnus Nicholas Civette.

Although all of the abuse rumors are currently unconfirmed, many fans believe these rumors are true and can teach society a lesson about toxic relationships.

Whether you are a college student or an A-list celebrity, it is hard to walk away from a toxic relationship. Those who suspect their friends or family are in an abusive relationship should seek help. The national domestic abuse hotline can be reached at 1-800-799-7233.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox pictured at the 2023 Grammy Awards where she allegedly had a broken wrist and concussion.
Megan Fox’s engagement ring from MGK, which was designed to hurt her if she ever tried to take it off.

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