Lynn Creates Own Escape Room Challenge

Paige Ellenson

By Paige Ellenson

Staff Writer

Escape rooms seem to have become the new trend over the past few years, and Lynn is following the trend by creating their own today, starting at 6 p.m. in the Black Box, located in the Wold Performing Arts Center.

The Center for Student Involvement is partnering with a vendor specialized in team building to provide students an opportunity to test their thinking skills. These escape rooms are set up to be a cross between a scavenger hunt and a puzzle, making it the ultimate challenge. The goal is simple: to get out of the room before the clock runs out.

“Student Involvement works really hard,” said Emily Finocchio, junior. “It should be a blast.”

Students at the event can expect to be at Lynn one moment and in space the next. Entering the room, they will be transported into an escape pod and realize their life support systems are failing. The group of participants must try and fix the navigation computer to get home to Earth within 25 minutes.

In the room, the group is alone, and the on-board robot has significant damage, so it will not offer much help. If students do not complete this mission, they will be orbiting their way through space.

This requires a collective, intuitive effort as a team to get the navigation functioning to get back to Earth. Many Lynn students believe in their ability to see success in the escape room.

“I’ve always wanted to do [an escape room],” said Luke Schachter, senior. “I’ve never done it before and I think I can get myself out.”

On top of this being an adventurous experience with friends, students will also gain the valuable lesson of teamwork while trying to escape. All participants will have to implement deductive reasoning, problem-solving skills and their brain power to solve clues, crack codes and eventually escape.

“I’ve only done one escape room so far, but I loved the challenge it presented,” said Sabrina Heying, junior. “My friends and I chose the hardest one and nearly failed to figure everything out, despite our common love for solving problems.”

For those who feel like they have what it takes, take the opportunity today to accept the mission in determining the group’s intergalactic fate.

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