Much Needed Fun in the Sun

Students at the pool after a hard semester.
Students at the pool after a hard semester.


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Now that the spring semester at Lynn University is over, summer 2014 is heating up and the diverse student body at Lynn share their outlooks on their perfect summer.

From tanning at the beach to staying local for classes, Lynn students are ready to enjoy their break.

Lying on a hammock underneath the shade of a tree on campus is the preferred pastime of many. Omer Para¬cha, junior, spends much time sitting and admiring the picturesque view.

“My favorite thing to do in the summer time is to lay out as much as possible, said Paracha. “I enjoy tanning and taking time to self-reflect after a tough school year.”

Other students are focusing on career goals this summer, such as Louis Davis, senior.

“This summer I plan on staying focused on my future, keeping up with my internship and work,” said Davis. “In my spare time, I do plan on hanging out with friends, mainly playing PS4, but no time for full relaxation.

On Spanish River Beach Harry Rosen, junior, could not wait to hit the silver sand and deep blue waves. Rosen enjoys collecting various materials found on the beach and hopes to construct a bowl full of unique and beautiful shells, while Stephanie Cohn, junior, would rather tan on the beach.

“I enjoy the beach just for this reason, multiple functions,” said Cohn. “Harry can collect shells as I try and become tan without getting sunburnt.”

Summer heat is not loved by everyone, which is why Brittany Butler, junior, decided that most of her summer would be spent indoors.

“I hate the humidity and the bugs that summer brings,” said Butler. “I plan on staying in and catching up on movies and television shows.”

Whether deciding to stay up all night watching movies and television shows or going out and enjoying the beach, friends or work, Lynn students are ready for the summer.
To all Lynn students and faculty, be safe and enjoy the vacation.

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