Next Stop, Thrift Shop: Recycled Clothing Store Plato’s Closet Sells the Latest Looks

Plato’s Closet is a fun and easy way to buy and sell gently used trendy clothes at an affordable price.

If it is not a popular store such as Forever 21, H&M or American Eagle, most retail stores
can be pricey. As a result, many college students have picked up the hobby of thrift shopping to avoid high prices. Plato’s Closet has a unique spin on thrifting as their goal is to sell used clothing while also keeping all the clothes up to date with the latest trends.

“We are a second-hand consignment store that sells trendy teen clothes,” said Angelika Rodriguez, an employee at Plato’s Closet. “We also allow people to sell us their gently used items for money.”

As Plato’s Closet continues to become more popular, Rodriguez frequently sees more college students going in and out of the store. A thrift store is an excellent place for people to save money while still shopping for cute clothes.

“Because we do low prices, it’s a great opportunity for the environment and for my pocket,” said Rodriguez. “I love working here because it helps me save money and helps me avoid fast fashion places.”

Plato’s Closet also positively impacts the environment. By selling used clothing,
the company is not wasting resources or supporting fast fashion. They promote recycling and encourage people to sell their clothes as opposed to tossing their clothes out.

“I think by having Plato’s Closet, it is a great way to help preserve clothes as most of the time fashion is just wasted or we don’t really know what to do with the clothes,” said Rodriguez.

Plato’s Closet values push young adults to be more cautious about how they spend their money on clothing and help the environment. Thrifting encourages people to buy second- hand clothing and motivates people to sell their unwanted clothes so that no clothes will go wasted.

Plato’s Closet is an option for those looking to find trendy clothing on a budget, sell unwanted clothing to make some extra money and ultimately impact the environment. There are a few locations in Boca Raton, and the closest one to Lynn is located at 9218 Glades Road.

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