Embracing Experiential Learning

This January term, students engaged in community service, language and culture immersion as well ascareer preparation.

The Lynn community not only learned to give back to their community and embrace other cultures, but they also learned valuable insights about themselves through classes such as “Identifying Passions,” “Roadmap Careers” and “Stay Motivated.”

iPulse set out to see what students learned about community service and various cultures in their J-Term class, and this is what they had to say:

“Taking the Peruvian language and culture class has exposed me to a culture I would have otherwise known nothing about. I learned some of the basics of Spanish, and I now feel equipped to one day travel to the country on my own,” said Josh Skielnik, junior.

“I chose the Italian course because I love learning about Italy. My parents were stationed there for a few years in the military. I have learned about a lot of the culture differences between the Italian regions, food and customs that the people share,” said Jayden Reece, senior.

“This year for J term, I ended up taking Italian. I found out that I’m part Italian in the summer, so I took this course to learn more about the culture and language,” said Kathryn Feldmann, sophomore.

“My class worked on raising money for Boca Helping Hands and we also attended a talk from Comfort Cases founder, Rob Sheer. We spent the rest of our week posting on Instagram to spread awareness of our campaign and we have almost reached our goal of $1,000,” said Sydney Burke, freshman.

“I did career prep for Psychology and I enjoyed having Kevin M. Lynch speak to us. In 2015, he created the Quell Foundation with a mission to reduce
the number of suicides, overdoses and incarcerations of people with mental illness. They give out scholarships for survivors and for people going into mental health services,” said Haley Gielbeda, sophomore.

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