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Students Choose Their Favorite Places Around Town When They are Hungry.
Students Choose Their Favorite Places Around Town When They are Hungry. Stock Photo.

For an amazing pig-out experience in Boca Raton, the go to places are definitely Chipotle, Shinju and Sazio Express because they are offer tasty, affordable food.

Everyone has those days in which they could eat an entire menu. For those occasions when one eats out, here are the top three best places voted by Lynn students themselves.

In third place, Sazio Express on Atlantic Avenue was voted the best pizza ever eaten.

“I always go to Sazio Express,” said Maria Cabral, senior. “It is hands down the best pizza I have ever had in my life.”

One slice of pizza will fill up most people because they are big and crowded with toppings.

Also, another good thing about this restaurant is that the pizzas are freshly made every day and they are thin and crispy; that is everything a good pizza needs. Furthermore, they also serve entire pizzas with any toppings clients want, wraps, salads, french fries, garlic rolls, calzone and deli subs.

Shinju Japanese Buffet.
Shinju Japanese Buffet. Stock Photo.

The second place pig-out spots, Shinju Japanese Buffet was voted the best pig-out restaurant for sushi, hibachi, chinese, seafood and dessert. “I go to Shinju when I’m starving,” said Emilio Kafati, junior. “There is too much variety of food and you leave with a well deserved food coma always.”

This buffet offers more than 100 quality all-you-can-eat oriental flavored items and around 45 types of freshly made sushi, rolls and sashimi.

If someone does not like seafood, they can go for the hibachi made right in front of customers with the meat, vegetable and sauce of their choice. Not to mention the incredible full table of amazing desserts and ice cream bar that is to die for. The best thing about a buffet is that clients can repeat as many times as they want; so everyone literally has to pig-out with so many amazing choices.

Last but not least, in the top pig-out restaurant, Chipotle Mexican Grill. This is a place that Lynn students know all too well.

"Chipotle is the place to go!"
Chipotle is a favorite among Lynn students. Stock Photo. 

“Everyone knows that Chipotle is the place to go,” said Katherine Bigott, senior. “It is literally the best cure for any type of hunger.”

This Mexican food chain has been voted the best pig-out place in Boca, and it is not hard to figure out why.

This restaurant offers a variety of options such as burritos, burrito bowls, crispy tacos, soft tacos, salads, quesadillas, chips and guacamole as well as a kids menu. With these items one can choose from white or brown rice, pinto or black beans, braised carnitas, barbacoa, grilled chicken or steak, medium, mild or hot salsa, corn, sour cream, cheese, guacamaole and lettuce.

Anyone can make up their own plate, depending on their taste, with all these different and amazing types of combinations.

“Chipotle is an addiction,” said Luis Guinand, senior. “I have to have it at least once a week.”

All of these restaurants are clearly different options because of their cuisine; one is Italian, the other Japanese and the last one Mexican. However, what they all have in common in the low price range that these places have.

In Sazio Express, one big slice of pizza costs between $3 to $4 so two huge slices of pizza would be under $10, including a soft drink.

On the other hand, Shinju has a standard price of $11.95 for Monday through Thursday lunch, $13.95 for Monday through Thursday dinner, $18.95 for Friday through Sunday lunch and $20.95 for Friday through Sunday dinner; a small price to pay for an all-you-can-eat experience.

Pizza by the Slice!
A favored pizza place among Lynn students. Stock Photo.

While in Chipotle anyone can easily have a full meal, from all the choices mentioned above, in a huge quantity for under $10.

So there it is, the top three best pig-out restaurants in Boca. These places not only have amazing quality, but incredible prices as well and it is an affordable price for the quantity of food that they can eat at all times.

So whenever anyone is starving and in need of a good and affordable place to end up in a food coma, do not hesitate to head over to these three restaurants.


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