Capturing Nature’s Beauty And Splashing It On To The Community

Glades Plaza was on the quest to replace dark and dull window panels outside of Peter Coppola’s Salon. With a little help from Lynn, four students and their pieces of art were able to provide the community with a facelift.

“The management team at Glades Plaza thought it would be a great idea to cover the windows in artwork so I reached out to Ellen Stern and Barbara Cambia,” said Tracy Shore Adamsky, co-founder of Above & Beyond Advertising who works alongside of Glades Plaza. “I have a long relationship with Barbara Cambia who always assists us in projects with Lynn University students that can benefit them as well as our community.”

Glades Plaza and Lynn put into action a photography contest, where 20 students entered their photographs and 4 winners were chosen.

“[It is] pretty amazing to see my photo here,” said Dillanes Gonzalez Castillo, senior. “I thought we were looking at a smaller window and to see that it takes up two panels, it is impressive.”

Each photograph spreads across two panels and wraps around on the west side of Peter Coppola’s salon.

Castillo and three other students, Evan Musgrove, Alexandra Caplan and Alyssa Grouby, were able to see their photos come to life as they were installed on April 25 and 26.

Each student was able to put their creative minds at work and portray it through their own lens. Freshman Alyssa Grouby explained how happy she was that her photo was chosen and her vision for her photos.

“The idea of tiny planets is that you bend them and manipulate the photos to look like one continuous photo,” said Grouby.

All four photos encompass the theme of nature and beauty, be sure to stop by and check them out as they will not be removed anytime soon.

Christina Diabo

Christina Diabo graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s of arts degree in multimedia journalism from Lynn last May. Now as a graduate assistant in the College of Communication & Design, Diabo hopes to pursue a career involving her skills and talents in the broadcast journalism industry, hoping to report for the Golf Channel.

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