The College of Arts and Sciences will host its annual symposium tomorrow, March 26, to display research projects from select students.

The event committee accepted nominations for three categories: poster presentations, oral presentations and full research presentations. Of the more than 40 submissions, 21 posters will be on display alongside four oral presentations. The winning research paper will be printed in the booklet for the event.

“This event in particular provides an opportunity for high-achieving academic students to show their work,” said Cassandra Korte, assistant professor, scientific literacy and biology, who has overseen the event for three years. “This is the place for our academically strong students to show what they’ve done.”

A large number of academic programs will be represented, ranging from biology majors to business majors, freshmen to graduate students.

“This is an event for students to show off,” said Korte. “There’s a lot of sciences this year, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want projects from other programs.”

Presentations will include a research poster focused on gender issues, genetic and agricultural research using fruit flies, experiments conducted with flatworms, criminal justice, a few on plastics and a poster that explores the perception of different colors. Others include the plastic contamination of sea salt and plasticization of household chemicals, turning them into substances with plastic-like qualities.

“We’re also looking forward to the opening speech from our new dean, Dr. [Gary] Villa,” said Korte.

The best of each category will be awarded at the event. With that, the judging committee expanded to include the Lynn Library, which will present the award for the best research paper. For students hoping to be selected for the symposium next year, Korte plans to open submissions in the coming Fall semester through next February.

The festivities are set to kick off at noon in the Wold Performing Arts Center. All members of the Lynn community are encouraged to come and enjoy refreshments while viewing their classmates’ accomplishments.

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