Try-N-Escape, an escape game in Boca Raton, now offers a $10 special discount for Lynn students. 

Just five minutes away from Lynn’s campus, Try-N-Escape offers a fun, challenging experience for those of all ages.  These escape rooms serve to test participants’ mental capacity, filled with clues and puzzles to decipher.  To succeed in their mission, players must solve all puzzles within one hour. 

Jason McGuire, owner of Try-N-Escape, was enamored with this form of entertainment after his first escape game experience. 

“In 2015, a friend of mine invited me to join him for an escape room,” McGuire said. “I went, played,  became immediately hooked and had to open one for myself.”

Try-N-Escape officially opened in March 2016 and currently offers two room theme options; it is set to open a third room in the near future.

One available choice is the “Hang ‘Em High” game, a western-style jail room.  In it, the player’s team has just completed a major heist, but half of the crew has been caught and arrested.  It is up to the rest of the group to break them out of jail. 

The other – more frightening –  theme is called “Sara’s Got a Secret.” Players find themselves working for Child Protective Services, having been assigned to monitor a disturbed child’s home life. Before the hour is up, the team must ensure that Sara is ready to return to a normal childhood.

When booking their experience, individuals simply must enter the promotional code “Lynn10” upon checkout. 

“We give students a discount because we know college is expensive,” said McGuire.  “It’s the least we can do for them.”

For more information, please visit or call (561) -409-4930.


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