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The Lynn Radio Station has a plethora of shows for students to listen in on. They cover a variety of topics such as music and sports news.

I am among them with my show “Gaming Talk,” that I do with my co-host Jurgens Hamilton, freshman. For Jurgens and I, it is a chance to open our thoughts and opinions about video game news, a topic both of us are passionate about.

Professor Robert Trainor, broadcast engineer, helps students kick-start their own radio shows.
“[Students] can all do shows on our radio station, and we have an organizational meeting at the beginning of each semester and then they apply for a radio spot,” said Trainor. “We assign shows according to their preferences and their choices and…what’s available.”

At an organizational meeting, students choose which kind of shows they want to do and when they wish to have them aired.

Having a radio show can also open opportunities for students, something that I have learned from other radio users.

Shared his experiences while being a part of the radio station here at Lynn.

“It has connected me with the National Broadcasting Society and…with different experiences that I would’ve never otherwise had,” said Charles Michelson, senior and host of “Political Commentary” and “R&B, Soul, Funk, Blues and Commentary.”

It would seem that I am not the only one who believes that having a radio show is an enjoyable experience.

The joy of performing a radio show seems to also come along with added benefits for people who wants to have their voices heard.

Students can listen to the Lynn Radio Station on 96.3 FM or online at rtsp:// on QuickTime Player.

Brian Martin

Brian Martin is a senior majoring in multimedia journalism with a minor in social media. Having been a part of iPulse since his freshman year, Martin has been in different positions such as assistant editor where he has had the opportunity to learn new skills that will benefit him in his future career. After graduation, Martin hopes to work in Los Angeles as an entertainment reporter covering industries such as video games and movies. This past summer, he had the opportunity to write for the Miami Herald and Rise News, covering local stories in the Coral Gables or South Miami area. He is also a nerd at heart, playing video games and reading comics in his spare time.

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