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Lynn is filled with a lot of brilliant, talented and creative people, and Tabatha Ely Braverman is one of them.

Braverman is a freshman majoring in International Business. Her hobbies consist of going to the beach, surfing and making her own jewelry.

It seems though that Braverman had a business mindset before attending Lynn. In fact, she had already created her own line of jewelry called Tabby Chains, which she started while she was still in high school back home in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

According to Braverman, in fourth grade, her dad bought her a kit and then took her to a supply store where she got to pick out all types of material she could invent and design her own jewelry with. She basically taught herself everything about making jewelry.

“Making jewelry takes a lot of patience, but that does not bother me because it is more of a passion for me,” Braverman admits.

Once she got into high school, her friends became obsessed with her one of a kind design and began making request for their own. From that point on, she branded her jewelry and self as Tabby Chains.

Although she is self-taught, Braverman was eager to gain experience and while studying here, she has gained some. She worked for a unique high-end French jewelry kiosk, Rem French Riviera, in the Town Center Mall.

Braverman said, “I loved working for them because the pieces that they had was something I could relate to my own jewelry. It’s the only store in America, so there was only one piece of each design. This made them all so unique, just like my jewelry.”

Every design piece is branded with her signature charm, a mermaid, and packaged along with a shell or capsule of sand from Puerto Rico, for good luck.

Braverman mentions that she’s used to seeing girls in bathing suits all the time and she thinks that when girls have on their jewelry to accessorize with their bathing suits, it looks very nice. Seeing that things were similar here in Boca, she decided to move her business with her. So she went home, went to the supply store, racked up on material and brought it back to begin creating new jewelry designs.

Since then, many Lynn females have purchased from Tabby Chain and they love the designs. Check out her Instagram, @tabbychainss, and for inquiries, e-mail her at

Brianna Randall

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