The Biggest Week in Fashion A Recap on 2021’s New York Fashion Week

By Traya Johnson

This year’s New York Fashion Week displayed new designers, upcoming brands and the fashion industry’s ongoing comeback from the pandemic. 

The event showcased a plethora of young and upcoming designers like Telfar Clemens (Telfar) and Aaron Potts (APOTTIS), along with many established American brands like Tory Burch and Coach, each providingn a glance at the future of fashion.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the event was held as “part of the vaccine-required re-emergence of New York,” according to “The New York Times,” which reported many people still wore masks at the event, implying that masks are seen as an accessory along with being a precautionary measure in modern times. 

Many fashion icons and celebrities attended this year’s Fashion Week. Kathy Hochul, the newly elected governor of New York, grabbed fans and the media’s attention by wearing a gorgeous floral dress. She openly expressed her desire to be a part of the fashion industry’s comeback after the pandemic.

“As part of our comeback, it is really important to me personally, as a leader and as a woman, that we make sure we celebrate this industry and give it all the assistance we can from the state,” Hochul told “Vogue.” 

Along with attending the event, spectators and fashionistas could access the shows digitally on The ability to watch the biggest week in fashion online was a feature that fashion lovers around the world appreciated. 

Some designers didn’t showcase collections online, instead opting for exclusive invite-only events whose presentations took residence in rooftop gardens overlooking New York City’s skyline and Hudson River.

Many fashionistas attended multiple fashion shows throughout the week. Dina Solomon, a personal stylist at Saks Fifth Avenue, and her client were able to attend two fashion shows where they saw Adam Lippes, Monse and Cinq à Sept’s collections. 

“This year I went to the Monse fashion show at  Chelsea Pier and the energy, the styling and the music was just beyond,” says Solomon. “I truly can’t wait to see this brand be everywhere.”

Many brands were innovative this year, whether by collaborating with upcoming designers, using up-cycled fabric, or even just the location of the runway. Each brand was working hard to stand out from the rest.  

While this year’s New York Fashion Week has ended, fashion lovers will not have to wait long to see more of the newest fashion trends with Paris Fashion Week taking place in from Sept. 26-Oct. 6, 2021. 

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