Teaching the Mind Good Habits Lynn Students Share Personal Tips

By: Anissa Walker

Staff Writer


Most students have picked up some good habits throughout the years, whether it started in high school or their first year in college.

Growing up, most of us had trouble waking up in the morning, remembering to do something, or getting work done. However, good habits can help change one’s routine or self-discipline.

“I wake up every morning around six to go to the gym, take a shower, get ready for class, and go straight to work afterwards,” said Beverly Buechse, junior.“I do this Monday to Thursday and I have the weekends as my days off.”

Most good habits start small, like getting work done on time, working out on certain days, or just eating right. It takes one step at a time. The first step most students do take when practicing better habits is working on their sleeping patterns. Students have started working on getting more sleep by reducing the number of hours they will spend on their phones before going to bed. Overall, students have noticed how often their daily routines are thrown off because of the excessive amount of time they spend on their phones and have started taking steps to reduce the amount of time they spend on their social media and tv apps.

“In the setting area on iPhones, there is this section that allows you to see how much time you spend on the screen and it will give you the percentage of each app you spend the most time on,” said Sophia Savvides, junior. “I like this because now I know I spend too much time on TikTok and Netflix.”

Another good habit students can focus on is getting work done on time. Some students struggle to keep up with deadlines due to their number of classes, assignment workload, job, mental health, and many other contributing factors. The key to making deadlines is to find an effective way to remind oneself of all the tasks one needs to complete each week.

“I usually have sticky notes posted on my wall, to remind me what assignments I need to do,” said Sophia Savvides, junior. “Canvas also has a section that says ‘to do’ so I follow that as well.” 

There are so many ways for students to pick up on good habits. Just find one that will help you keep up with a good routine that will benefit you and your studies.

Above: Colorful sticky notes can serve as good reminders. Photo/Pexels.

Above: Going to the gym can be one of the many good habits. Photo/ahchealthnews.com.

Above: Some phones have screen time to let you exactly how much time you spend on your phone. Photo/theverge.com.

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