Love And Growth Born From Adversity

At some point in the school year you decide, if possible, to take a weekend to go home to get away from the stress of college life. Recently, that is what I decided to do. Living in Coral Gables beomces convenient in terms of travel time and cost, being that it is less then an hour’s drive away.

Everything was very relaxing between that Friday evening and Staurday morning; there was little stress over schoolwork, or over any other college-related pains. That all changed when my mom texted me that a shooting had occurred at the Village of Merrick Park. Being that I lived relatively close to that location, I was immediately frightened by the news.

My plans for that weekend drastically changed. I had originally planned to go out to the movies, but my mind continued to circle around this idea that no public vicinity was safe.

A certain thought plagued me; even in one’s home neighborhood, crime is seconds away from occurring, at any moment of the day. No community, no matter how seemingly secure, is absolutely and completely immune to crime.

That weekend I was scared; scared to leave the security of my home and venture into the unknown. Days following the event, however, I made an integral realization. As frightful as the notion is, there is no controlling our environment.

Living life in a fearful state constricts us to living a life hidden in the shadows. How can we embrace life for its beautiful, glorious moments, if we are too afraid of its tragic imperfections?

The moral of my story is this: live life by cherishing loved ones in the present moment, rather than living constantly concerned over their well-being. I do feel sorrow for those whose lives were taken that day, or whose loved ones were forced to appear at the scene of the crime and witness an atmosphere no decent person should endure.

I would have never imagined that the Village of Merrick Park in Coral Gables would house an incident of this nature. But then again, I could never imagine that any place that I have shared my time, energy and youth, would host a tragedy like the one that transpired that day of April 8 at the Equinox gym in Merrick Park.

In all of its efforts, the world we live in today comes with a degree of unpredictability that no civilized human can account for. Although images of serenity and stories of joy are what we seek on a daily basis, reality sometimes objects to our ambitions. The only way that we can breathe during times of confusion and heartbreak is to accept our terms, to live life to the fullest and to appreciate the people around us who make living worthwhile.

Brian Martin

Brian Martin is entering his final semester and intends to make the most out of it. As his time with iPulse is coming to an end, Martin looks back on his previous years and cherishes all the experiences he has had in such a short period of time. Having received numerous academic accolades and partaking in different internships, including one with the Miami Herald, Martin is only striving to learn even more and succeed following his graduation this May. After graduation, he plans to move to Los Angeles and work for a pop culture news organization like IGN. Being a nerd at heart, his passions include playing video games and reading comics.

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