Teresa Flowers: How One of Lynn Drama’s Newest Actresses is Taking the Main Stage

Teresa Flowers is a second-semester freshman majoring in drama. She is also a cast member of “Noises Off,” Lynn Drama’s latest production.

“I fell in love with acting probably when I was in middle school. After my mom died it was my way of escaping everything around me, and then in high school I just kind of grew a love for it and wanted [to do that for] the rest of my life,” said Flowers of her passion.
As a child coping with a devastating loss, Flowers found an escape through cinema; the more productions and movies she watched, the more she fell in love for the art of drama and what kind of life she could have.
“I think [as a result of] watching movies as a child and seeing other productions, I wanted to make other people escape from other people and create a new world for other[s],” said Flowers.
Aside from wowing the audience on stage, she also enjoys traveling and religion. Flowers has been to Jamaica five times on mission trips; and has traveled to the states of South Dakota, Louisiana and New York while carrying out the work on her different mission trips.
Regarding what viewers should expect from the production of “Noises Off,” the actress was candid in her description.
“[There is] a lot of craziness. Some love triangles. Sardines, lots and lots of sardines and just funny aggression and just a lot of fun,” said Flowers.
Specifically, “Noises Off” is a production about a company putting on a show while acting within the show—the equivalent of looking at a picture within a picture. The audience can expect to see all of the craziness that goes on when the actors can not be seen.
One of the characters Flowers plays is named “Vicky,” who is a tax filer. She is ditsy and just really out of it, which adds to some exaggerated comedic dialogue within her lines.
Flowers looks forward to performing for a large crowd. She hopes to see all 700 spaces in the theater occupied to watch the production, though she would be alright performing for just a few hundred to start.
As well as rehearsing for her roles, she deeply enjoyed the various sets that she and the cast members were practicing on. This set that she and the rest of the cast are going to be performing on is very large and elaborate, so the eye is going to be continually focused on what is going with the props and the atmosphere around it all.
The actress is really excited about working with fellow cast member Joy Dodd in “Noises Off.” Dodd plays the roles of Belinda and Flavia.
Flowers is also excited about working with Sydney Belabin, who plays the role of Poppy, the stage manager. Performing with Belabin, who is also a freshman, is an experience Flowers is grateful for because the idea of being the only freshman in the production is admittedly intimidating to her.
In the future, after graduation, Flowers wants to go see Europe and the rest of the world before coming back to the United States to try developing her acting career possibly in California or New York.
To come see Flowers star in this week’s productions, students can see her on the main stage of the Wold Performing Arts Center today, Thursday and Friday at 7:30 p.m., or at the 12:30 p.m. matinée to be held tomorrow.

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