Trained To Do It All

Brian Berg, assistant athletic trainer at Lynn, discussed the challenges of treating athletes during a global pandemic.

Berg’s typical day at work consists of providing the best possible medical care to all student-athletes, ranging from preventing, evaluating, treating and rehabilitating injuries. However, COVID-19 has put a toll on this routine.

Berg and the rest of the trainers are required to follow the policies and procedures put in place by both the university and their team of doctors who assist alongside the trainers. Procedures include daily questionnaires to monitor any symptoms, temperature checks before each practice session and mandatory masks. Athletes are also required to schedule appointments ahead of time due to the limited number of athletes allowed to be in the athletic training room.

“We have tried to keep things as similar as possible to pre-COVID in a safe manner when it comes to treatments,” said Berg. “However, due to limits to the number of athletes that we can see in a day, we have relied heavily on athletes being proactive and continuing to work on the rehabilitation that they have done with us on their own as well.” 

Not only this, but numerous manual therapies are not being done as frequently or in some cases at all in efforts to reduce close contact with athletes. These changes may seem small, but many athletes struggle mentally and physically to adapt to them.

“The biggest struggle I have noticed both pre-COVID and now when an athlete is recovering from an injury is the mental side of it,” said Berg.

Berg’s number one tip for studentathletes recovering from an injury is to stay mentally strong. The athletes need to remember why they started and that injuries take time, much like a global pandemic.

“[Student-athletes] have a support system that is there for them should they need it in the Lynn University family, both in and out of the athletic department,” said Berg.

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