Plugged In At Lynn

Jaclyn Kuwik, director of Lynn University’s Center of Student Involvement (CSI), had a long adventurous journey before stepping foot on campus.

Kuwik’s job is to supervise the CSI staff and the CSI assistants, consisting of hard-working students.

After graduating from Florida State, she was still unsure of her true calling yet, Kuwik knew she enjoyed working in an academic environment. This discovery was much different from when she was an aspiring actress in high school.

“It ended up giving me time to do some soul searching and figure out what I enjoy doing,” said Kuwik. “I realized the thing that brought me joy was working with college students. Being able to share some of the experiences I’ve had to help another person’s experience.”

She attended the University of Georgia, earning her master’s degree in student affairs. She worked for the Center of Leadership and Service for two years.

“Working with students is the best part of my job,” said Kuwik. “A lot of what we do can be done at a corporate level or a private organization, but I love working with college students because they’re at a point of learning and self-discovery. College is a time of growth, a lot of learning along with the ups and downs,and I think having people who support you through that period is really crucial. Knowing that every day I can be that person for some of you makes me feel like my job is meaningful.”

Some advice that Kuwik would give to the upcoming freshman is to come to CSI. Despite the peer leaders going out and explaining ways of getting involved, she believes many students have not taken advantage of the things the CSI offers.

“You don’t need to necessarily have to consider yourself a leader or an event planner to be a part of CSI. You can just want to be connected, and it’s our job to connect students to campus,” said Kuwik

Students can visit the Center of Student Involvement on the second floor of the University Center.

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