Opinion: All paper books should go digital

While libraries still manage to fulfill readers’ needs, the rise in digital e-books has grown significantly within the last few years.

There is no doubt that all paper books will eventually go digital based on current technology. Most publishers have already made that transition within the last few years. The main benefit of an e-book is that they are available minutes after purchasing or downloading them while remaining portable at all times.

It’s convenient for those reading many books per month or even a student accessing course material. It takes a few minutes to download them, which does not require any in-person transactions or waiting for them to arrive in the mail. 

Not only are e-books often on sale, but there are thousands of free options from Amazon and BookBub. According to the School Library Journal, the average price of a graphic novel is $24.67. Therefore, it is no surprise that most individuals choose to lean toward e-books due to the great deals they offer.

Although e-books serve a great purpose in remaining convenient and portable, books have physical beauty. According to Mashable, the book cover has evolved as a marketing tool, meaning it grabs others’ attention from its place on the shelf. 

Many authors take the time designing their physical novel with creativity in hopes of sticking out from the crowd, which is not as appreciated in e-books. The industry is progressing in fixing this issue with digital sales platforms.

Digital books are more convenient and better for the environment. Also, they are much more cost-efficient than traditional books. Considering the success that digital books have made in all of its existence thus far, it is only right that paper books go digital. 

Creating fewer books will prevent the amount of paper being used, therefore saving trees worldwide. 

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