Beyoncé Is Not the supreme being

The hashtag #EndSARS has been shared by celebrities with no real proof of active support, but of course, when Beyoncé does not say something immediately, it becomes a problem.

Gen Z has made a point that if they’re going to support a celebrity in any role, they would have to make their positions on specific topics known. Very much like a politician

While I am a fan of making sure people we put in power use their platform for good, this is getting way out of hand. Celebrities are not politicians. So why treat them like they are?

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad, also known as SARS, is a Nigerian police unit with a history of violence and violating human rights regulations.

Much like in America, there’s been a call to disband this unit. Those who showed their support overseas posted #EndSARS on their social media platforms along with some information.

Beyoncé did not hop on the support train immediately. Still, in her own time, she posted a statement and showed that she is actively working with people to make a change, unlike most celebrities who just posted the hashtag. She even provided a list of organizations to donate to on her website.

“I am heartbroken to see the senseless brutality taking place in Nigeria,” the singer wrote on Instagram and her website. 

“We have been working on partnerships with youth organizations to support those protesting for change. We are collaborating with coalitions to provide emergency healthcare, food and shelter. To our Nigerian sisters and brothers, we stand by you.”

These people dared to get mad at her simply because she did not respond fast enough.

While Beyoncé is most definitely a celebrity amongst celebrities, she cannot even stop police brutality in America, nonetheless Nigeria. So I find it concerning why people were upset. 

After being criticized for her “silence” hours before, her publicist Yvette NoelSchure responded to the hate by writing, “Actions speak louder than post. Stop judging.”

It is not Beyoncé’s job nor any other celebrities to save Nigeria. Just because Beyoncé chooses to do something “heroic” does not mean one should have the right to hold every celebrity to the same expectations. They are not superheroes. They are human. Treat them as such.

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