Stranded At Home

As the pandemic started, government officials in the U.S had to take precautions to slow down the spread of the virus and protect their people by
establishing a travel ban on countries like Brazil. The ban is still in effect, and students are no exception, leaving them stranded and wondering when they will be able to go back to college.

When the pandemic broke out, multiple Brazilian students returned home to Brazil to be with their families, but little did they know, they would not be able to return to the U.S. so fast. This travel ban has been the cause of stress among those students, as there is still no preview of when the U.S. will open again to Brazilians.

“So the travel ban really affected me, I’m taking classes really late at night until 2 a.m. because of the time zone, and it’s really difficult to adjust,” said Nicole Greco, a student at Pepperdine University in California. “I don’t know when I’ll be able to go back, and all my things are still in California.”

Not only are students being kept from returning to their colleges, but the ban has also prevented millions of students from starting their college careers healthily and properly.

“I was supposed to start at Chapman University in the fall, but because of the travel ban, I haven’t been able to meet my peers from Chapman, and I’m worried that when I arrive (at Chapman) in the near future, I won’t be able to have the same experience and I might feel lost,” said Thomas Greco, a freshman at Chapman University.

Aside from affecting student’s education, it has also generated financial problems for some students. Those who have houses, cars, apartments or any property in the U.S. are still paying for their expenses but not using or selling them. For example, Giovana Mendes, a Northeastern University, still covers costs she is not using.

“I was studying in Boston when the Pandemic started, and I had to come back to Brazil, leaving all my stuff in my apartment,” said Mendes. “I’m still renting it, and I have no idea when I’ll be able to go back and get my stuff, so it’s just sitting there.”

The pandemic has affected the
entire world in many ways. As the world begins to go back to normal, students who are banned from the U.S. are still having to face this daily challenge and continue to have hope that this will end soon, and soon they will be able to return.

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