Coming to a Grocery Store Near You

Based in Amazon’s hometown of Seattle, the new Amazon Go grocery store allows customers to shop for everyday grocery items like fresh produce, meats, wine and spirits as well as more.

Shoppers can walk in, scan a QR code from their Amazon mobile app, and begin shopping as the sensors in each cart tracks the items being placed. When the customer exits the store, their cart is checked out automatically using their payment card on file.

Amazon is incorporating other products and technology into the shopping experience, including an Alexa kiosk to provide customer assistance.

“When we announced the Amazon Fresh store, we promised consistently low prices for all and free same-day delivery for Prime members. We’re excited to make due on that promise as well as introduce even more low prices,” said Jeff Helbling, vice president of Amazon Fresh Store, in a company statement.

Amazon Go stores use overhead cameras and computer vision technology to track both shoppers and items throughout the store. That way, the system can identify when a specific person has placed an item into their cart.

“I think what we’re trying to do here – and with all of our physical stores – is really work backwards from the customer, and deliver some differentiation,” said Cameron Janes, vice president of Amazon’s Retail Division, in a company statement.

The new store is stocked with about 5,000 items, including fresh produce, bakery treats like donuts, household items, a full liquor section and a self-serve coffee bar.

Every item is priced individually, meaning no weighing is required for produce. For example, bananas are 19 cents each and avocados are 49 cents.

“While purchasing Whole Foods in the past, Amazon opening up the Go store is a smart, yet innovative method of grocery shopping. Even so, this may soon change the way we shop,” said Emilee Fars, junior.

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