How to Vote Properly During a Global Pandemic

With Election Day tomorrow, many will be adjusting to the proclaimed “new normal” as they run to the polls to cast their votes.

Precautionary measures for voting have been implemented, including mandatory masks, social distancing while voting and more. Citizens also took advantage of early voting periods in an attempt to avoid long lines and potential crowds.

“It’s important to use your right to vote as an opportunity for change,” said Nicky Vannicola, junior.

In an effort to stay safe, some citizens opted to have their ballots pre-filled and returned to the polls on Election Day.

“Every vote counts, and it’s important because we stand for our country,” said Alyssa Mencucci, junior.

Whether Lynn students plan to run to the polls tomorrow, participated in early voting periods or mailed in their ballot, this year was unique due to safety measures during this crucial time in history.

“Voting is a huge step in making our society better,” said Victoria Napolitano, junior. “By being registered and going out to vote, many are creating change and showing how important it is to vote and make a difference for our future.”

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