This past month, the presidential debates took place, and social media users, primarily through Twitter, have frequently been speaking about these events.

The first debate took place on Sept. 29, and both candidates heatedly interrupted each other rather than discussing their arguments. Former vice president Joe Biden spent most of the time chuckling at president Donald Trump’s statements, while the latter continued to argue with the moderator. Twitter users were quick to voice their opinions on this, expressing how they felt about what they were all viewing on live T.V.

Various people called the first debate a “dumpster fire” and “a train wreck” since nothing was argued between both candidates. Twitter users quickly criticized the debate’s moderator, Chris Wallace, for not standing his ground when things became heated.

“I just have to say that Chris Wallace did a very poor job,” said Twitter user @ JustinC86837641. “He lacked control, and many of his questions were biased.”

The next debate, which was scheduled for Oct. 15, was canceled due to concerns regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Until the final debate, people were nervously anticipating what was to come from the candidates when they reunited on stage. On Oct. 21, the day before the event, Twitter was filled with assumptions and predictions on what would occur.

“For what it’s worth, a virtual debate would be even more incoherent and useless than the first in-person was,” said Twitter user @YOitscharlie.

When Oct. 22 finally arrived, #PresidentialDebate was immediately the number one trending hashtag on Twitter, where everyone was live-tweeting their opinions. The topics that were most talked about by Twitter users were healthcare, the coronavirus and issues concerning minorities. Biden, being from the Democratic party, had more liberal views, while Trump, from the Republican party, had more conservative ones; considering the country’s current state, many responded negatively to many of the latter’s comments on the topic of minorities.

“Biden just said that there’s 525,000 kids from immigrant parents locked in cages not knowing where they’re going to go,” said Twitter user @aquastarlightss. “And Trump said GOOD?”

On the other hand, Republicans were angered by the fact that President Trump’s microphone had been cut off due to various interruptions he had done when former Vice President Biden spoke. However, it was mentioned before the debate began that microphones would be muted if too many interruptions occurred from either side.

“Thank you, microphone mute button and @kwelkernbc for a far better debate,” said Twitter user @Atul_Gawande.

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