Tips to Concentrate

Due to COVID-19, classes switched to a hybrid model of remote and in-person learning. The structure of the semesters will be this way until further notice.

A lot of students did not go back on campus to take classes due to
COVID-19 restrictions. However, even those on campus cannot go to class every single day.

It is more difficult for the students to concentrate and pay attention during class time on Zoom. At Lynn, there are different study rooms where people can go and attend their classes. Otherwise, it is always possible to participate in their dorm rooms or their apartments.

Students shared how they concentrate and where they take their classes.

“During my Zoom classes, I try not to be surrounded by people, be in a comfortable place and at peace, and last but not least, I put my phone on mute to not get distracted,” said Maria Cabral, sophomore.

“I try to concentrate by going to an area of my apartment that will keep me focused. That place for me is in the living room, at my table away from distractions like my bed and the TV that are in my room,” said Max Gold, senior.

“I usually try to imagine myself in an actual class, so that I do not get distracted,” said Clara Monges, graduate student. “I need to be alone. Otherwise, I would not follow what the professor says.”

“For online classes, I try to be comfortable and have some snacks or water close to me so that I do not need to get up,” said Eleonora Borri, sophomore “In that way, I would get distracted when looking for something to eat.”

“As I struggled a lot staying concentrated while taking my Zoom classes at home, I started going on campus in either a study room or outside,” said Ella Richardson, sophomore. “When it comes to focusing, I need to take notes and participate in the class.”

“I like to change my location when doing online classes so that I don’t get bored of the environment around me,” said Emily Haynes, sophomore. “I also like to do mindless activities such as walking around to keep me moving.”

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