It’s Spooky Season – COVID 19 Style

Expectations of Haunted Houses just got higher with this haunted drive-thru in Miramar, FL. With seven different haunted roads to drive down, The Horrorland, has created a reputation of spookiness this October.

This is South Florida’s first and only haunted drive-thru to exist. The seven different haunted roads are bound to scare you with Alice in Horrorland, Christmas Nightmare, Creepy Carnival, Zombie Apocalypse, Farm of Horrors, Asylum of Darkness, and Scream’s Cemetery.

“I would definitely go to a haunted drive-thru with my best friends,” said Kylee Longo, junior. “[I] couldn’t think of anything better to get in the Halloween spirit!”

The CEO, Francisco Santos, wants the audience to feel like they are in a horror movie. He has a background in haunted houses and used to attend haunted house conventions.

Santos is the eighth generation of his family to be in the entertainment business. He has produced shows in the US, Canada, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, China, El Salvador and more!

He came up with the idea during quarantine with his father and wife while they were bored at home. Santos wanted a way to entertain people while following safety protocols.

“I love haunted houses so this seems like a thousand times better and scarier,” said Sydney Vezza, senior.

With 60-80 performers in costumes, special effects, and lighting, the experience is top tier. The Horroland only allows one car per road. This way, each vehicle experiences the Horrorland to its best potential.

“I’m honestly terrified to go,” said Sara McManus, senior. “But I still would go for the thrill! It looks really fun.”

The Horrorland is open from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. this October on selected dates. Tickets must be purchased in advance and are priced at $48.99 per car. Grab some friends and take a trip to Miramar this month to visit The Horrorland! Get your tickets at: tickets

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