How To Celebrate Halloween Safely

Are you still figuring out if you should go out on Halloween night? Spooky season is here but so is COVID-19.

The safety guides from the CDC highly discourages Americans from participating in traditional trick-or-treating. It is considered one of the riskiest things to do during the pandemic.

Despite what the CDC has suggested a recent Harris Poll survey showed that 70 percent of millennial mothers plan to still celebrate and 80 percent plan to risk it. 

Below are ways to celebrate safely:

1) Host a Small Halloween Gathering There is nothing wrong with celebrating at home. Buy candy from the store, bake spooky cupcakes and turn on a scary movie.

2) Host a Residence Hall Decorating Contest Contact the RA’s and set up a door decorating contest. Everyone can observe each door via Instagram and vote for the best residence hall.

3) Use a Candy Bowl Try putting an assorted amount of candy into goodie bags. Place them in a bowl to lower the risk of children’s hands touching or germs transferring.

4) Most importantly: Wear a Mask Whether it is a decorative cloth mask or a classic N95, if outside, wear a mask. Get creative with it, and incorporate it in your costume to spice things up.

Be sure to keep up with everything the CDC suggests between now and Halloween. To schedule a COVID-19 test, students can call the health center at (561) 237-7231.

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