Mandatory Masks

Since March, students all over the world have lost the opportunity to attend universities in person due to COVID-19, however, Lynn University started their first day of in-person classes requiring one rule for students: masks upon arrival. 

For the first time, these students have to cover their faces which many say is hard. Lynn students were asked how this new approach to learning is working, especially when they have to wear face masks all day. 

“At first I was nervous about having to keep a mask on throughout my class day, but after having to wear it for the past weeks I feel like it isn’t so bad and it keeps me protected,” said Jack Williams, senior. 

Although having to wear face masks every day might seem difficult, it helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. Many students realize how lucky they are  to still be attending school, and that
by wearing the masks they keep the university open for in-person classes. Wearing masks all around campus is safer for everyone, even though it might get hot when having to walk to class, it still is beneficial in many ways. 

“Since having to make masks a part of my everyday life, I started creating my own and having fun with the look of wearing a mask,” said Victoria Napolitano, junior. 

Being that masks are mandatory, many students have found ways to make masks more fashionable, all throughout campus students wear different masks that either represent something or are just fashionable. 

Many students have also made their own masks and started selling masks on websites and social media. They do not only promote the safety of wearing masks, but they also find enjoyment from creating them. 

“Wearing a mask to work protects me and the people around me,” said Alyssa Aviles, junior. 

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