Social Distancing at Lynn University

Lynn University transitioned to hybrid classes this semester while implementing safety measures ensuring students and their parents that they will be safe.

At Lynn, several buildings have posters reminding people of social distancing.

It is mandatory to wear a face mask while on campus, and exemptions only include students in their dorm rooms and eating on campus.

“When Lynn sent us an email saying that the fall semester was going to be hybrid, I was scared because in Florida COVID has been very serious,” said Honor Keilty, sophomore. “But when I arrived, I saw all the procedures and new rules, that made me feel safer.”

An email was recently sent out indicating the positive reactions from both faculty and students regarding the 4-week sessions. Students are more focused on their class and they are taking responsibility and turning in assignments on time.

“My parents were very worried when I came to begin Fall [A] semester, but I sent them the pictures of all the new safety tools Lynn was having at campus,” said Paolo Pelfini, sophomore.

By staying positive through these challenging times, and keeping social distancing and washing hands, many students are pleased that Lynn is sustaining a campus that is safe and happy.

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