Our Virtual World Keeps Changing

When a Wi-Fi Connection Determines the Strength of a Personal Connection

As the novel coronavirus spreads and forces mass self-isolation across the world, individuals have taken shelter in their homes and are left with virtual connections to soothe the need for face-to-face contact.  

Even as the U.S. loosens restrictions, essential and frontline workers would like citizens to stay in quarantine. Robert Pollack cannot visit his family during the pandemic.

“It’s very different to be using FaceTime and Zoom to talk to my family,” said Pollack, essential worker. “I don’t feel the personal connection with them; I really can’t feel the love.” 

Virtual reality (VR), FaceTime, Zoom and Chime are lifelines for civilians during this time. Therapy, doctors’ appointments, entertainment and family gatherings are now taking lace online. A spotty Wi-Fi connection can ruin an entire day for someone stuck inside.  

“I’m busier than ever, and it’s all because of telemedicine,” said Dr. Kenneth Bresky. “Patients that haven’t been able to come in regularly are getting significantly better care now that they can have these appointments from the comfort of their own homes.”  

Dr. Bresky added that, “some of my older patients are still having to come into the office physically simply because their connection is not strong, or they don’t really know how to use these new online systems.”  

With most of Florida opening in various phases, many essential workers are taking quarantine restrictions more seriously than before. 

“Not being able to hug my parents during a scary time is terrible; it’s a weird feeling that’s hard to explain,” said Pollack. “I’m terrified that things are trying to get back to normal, even though I hate having to live this way. I know things aren’t ready to start opening without testing. VR traveling has become my best friend.”  

As Florida enters its reopening stages and essential workers see the lapse of care in Florida residents, connecting with loved ones through the internet is more important than ever. Though these online systems have changed the world for the better and the worse, human connection might be down but human productivity through the internet is up.  


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