The Curve Of The Coronavirus

The Areas With The Most Positive And Deceased Cases Remain In Phase 0, While The Rest Of Spain Jumps To Phase 1

Spain is immersed in the de-isolation process, organized by phases in which each province will take the country towards a new normal. 

The curve of infections and death by COVID-19 began to decrease four weeks after the state of emergency was extended. A pact by the government of PSOE and United We Can with Citizens, want to continue the state of emergency until the end of June. 

While the community of Madrid and most of Catalonia remains in phase zero, the rest of Spain is in phase one. Some islands have already moved to phase two on May 18. According to the authorities, the evolution of the curve of new positive cases and deaths in these territories is not progressing fast enough to continue the de-escalation process. 

However, the Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez has refused to make public the technical criteria that will allow a territory to pass from one phase to the other. Sanchez explains that as of May 11, a “cautious and progressive” de-escalation will take place. 

“When we go out on the street again, we are going to find the silent economic and social damage of this pandemic,” said Sanchez.

In late February to the beginning of April, the growth curve increased exponentially. The number of cases increased from zero to 100 in the first week, 100 to 1,000 in the second week and exceeded 10,000 in the third week. “I am asking the residents not to leave the city yet, so the virus doesn’t spread, and the economy doesn’t collapse stronger,” said Ada Colau, mayor of Barcelona.

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