How the Ross College of Education is Handling the COVID-19 Pandemic

The College’s Plan for Education Students 

Recently, the Donald E. and Helen L. Ross College of Education gave its insight on how it is moving forward with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ross College of Education is a very hands-on program. Students within the college are required to do multiple projects, and they are required to observe in local Palm Beach County elementary schools. How are they replacing these assignments for students? 

“We can teach anywhere, with anything, at any time….it is the beauty of being an educator. The lack of four walls in a brick building, markers with no ink, nor books, nor worksheets does not stop us. As teachers, we have the most wonderful opportunity to create the wonder and love for teaching and learning as we explain, share, laugh, talk, cry and experience the joy of helping others wherever we are. This is us,” said Dr. Susan Saint John. 

The Ross College of Education has to take extra steps to replace specific assignments, such as the required observation hours. Professors are having the students watch videos of lessons being taught, while they take notes. Another replacement for this assignment may be to create lesson plans of their own. 

“We’ve all had to really be adaptable during the outbreak, but as future teachers, that’s an important skill for us to practice, as well as the ability to cater to different learning styles— online included. RCOE is a very tight-knit program, so we’ve all been trying hard to support each other through this semester,” said Amalia Cardella, current student. 

The key to success during this time is the ability to be able to adapt, as Cardella referenced. Cardella also says that being able to adapt is an essential skill for future teachers to possess, as it is also vital for all students to have to prepare them for the future. 

“I treasure the learning, the planning, and the challenges to create lessons for my students. They are the ones I hope to inspire and motivate. For each day will be different, exciting and new; being a teacher – look at what you can do,” said Dr. Saint John. 

Lynn is working endlessly to support students during this time. The university wants every student to succeed, and with the help of professors, the transition to online classes has been more natural.

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  • May 7, 2020 at 8:58 pm

    I was impressed to understand the depth of adaptation and commitment to meeting the challenges brought forth by the CVD-19 at Lynn. Very impressive!


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