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Neuromarketing Graduate Students Showcase Their Brands For Consulting Projects

Recently, five groups of graduate student entrepreneurs in MBA 626 Consumer Neuroscience & Behavior presented their consulting projects to their class to market their already-existing companies.

During the graduate Spring I graduate term, Matteo Peroni, associate marketing professor, assigned a consulting project with his neuromarketing students. The course applies neuroscientific tools and methods to marketing research. An electroencephalogram (EEG), a test that detects electrical activity in the brain, is used in the course to detect user engagement when individuals interact with a product.

“Every year, I do about two or three consulting projects with my MBA students,” said Dr. Peroni. “For the first time, each of our five student teams has an entrepreneur, a person that already has their own company. They are marketing their own brand in class.”

Chandra Todd, a brand created by a neuromarketing student, is launching a high-end swimwear collection to debut a spring/summer campaign in 2022. The swimwear collection will be a new product line that is introduced to the brand that is known for its exclusive evening wear. This collection will be a limited production to maintain the exclusivity of the Chandra Todd brand.

“They have a chance to apply the content of this marketing course to their own personal businesses,” said Dr. Peroni. “The course focuses on creating brand experiences.”

Another student group’s company, Memory Box, is a recently created company based in Brazil that provides a service and product that transforms physical memories, such as children’s artwork, greeting cards, travel brochures and memorabilia, in a photo book. The purpose is to tell one’s story and keep memories intact.

“One of the challenges is creating an incentive get consumers to try one’s product or service,” said Dr. Peroni. “This class has an emphasis on creating user and brand experiences that are meaningful, impactful and generate loyal customers.”

Travy is a company that produces sanitation kits for the everyday traveler. This product will contain popular brands to allow consumers to use FDA approved items. With the threat of the coronavirus, Travy encourages users to utilize these sanitation kits to stop the spread of infection risks while using different transportation methods.

Coquelicot, a clothing brand based in Spain, produces modern style clothing for children aged between three months and six years. The clothing is handmade using the highest quality European fabrics and trims on the market. Coquelicot takes pride in their clothing’s style, practicality, quality, and attention to detail.

Lendingram is a digital platform based in Colombia that provides short-term (30 days or less) loans by connecting borrowers and lenders. Because many individuals in Colombia fall victims to unregulated micro-lending, this digital platform serves to provide safety and convenience when lending or borrowing money.

For more information on the neuromarketing course and student companies, contact Dr. Peroni at maperoni@lynn.edu.

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