Dress For Success

Future Leaders Gain Knowledge From Top Executives

Recently, students enrolled in the Future Leaders of Tomorrow (FLOT) program this past January-term to visit successful companies, meet prominent executives and learn about the workforce.  

One of the standout fieldtrips for the FLOT students was meeting Beth Rosenstein, the vice president of Bloomingdale’s. The future leaders were inspired to reach for the stars after observing Rosenstein’s passion for her work and contagious optimism. Rosenstein has worked at the luxury department store for 13 years, but she still gets out of bed excited to run to work every day.

After over a decade of working in the retail industry, Rosenstein has had many successes and failures. Rosenstein learned valuable lessons from these experiences, and she decided to share some of her insight with the FLOT students. 

“One should never forget to inject humanity in [to] everything we do,” said Rosenstein. 

Rosenstein stressed the importance of dressing appropriately for an occasion. She advised students to do research before attending an interview or work event. Because Bloomingdale’s employees wear black, a person interviewing for  a Bloomingdale’s position would benefit from wearing black as well.

Rosenstein also recommended investing in ten staple pieces that can be mixed and matched. If students have trouble pairing pieces together, Rosenstein highly suggests the color black because it matches almost everything. 

“You will always look serious in a dark color,” said Rosenstein.  

According to Rosenstein, basic wardrobe staples for women include jackets, blouses, little black dresses and flats. Rosenstein believes men should invest in a dark navy suit, a quality belt and polished shoes. Navy has a hip and younger look which will take potential employees far.

“All of the details matter,” said Rosenstein. 

For more information about dressing for success, visit a Bloomingdale’s near you. 

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