New Year, New Nutrition

Alewine Discusses Strategies To Maintain New Years’ Resolutions

Erin Alewine, assistant cross country and track coach at Lynn University, gave  tips  on  how  to  maintain  2020 New  Year’s  resolutions  regarding staying fit and healthy. 

Alewine’s interest in food started when she helped cook and bake in the kitchen with her mother. Culinary school sparked her interest, but she wanted to continue her passion for track and field, and there were no schools that offered a mix of both. As a result, Alewine attended the University of Central Missouri to run track with a scholarship and to pursue a Bachelor of Science with a focus in dietetics. 

Alewine was not always interested in nutrition. She grew up in a southern  home eating barbecue,  pizza  and pasta. Her transition to healthy eating started due to athletics. 

As she began learning more about dietetics she used it as her own secret tool to personally get better on and off the track. Alewine  advises  students  to  start by learning about nutrition and  being  aware  of  what  they  are putting  in  their  body.  Interest  in  nutrition and  asking questions  can  spark  motivation  to  continue learning.  

 “There is a reason nature produces food  with  brilliant  colors  that  draws your attention,” said Alewine, coach. “If it is really bright red or really bright green  it  probably  has  some  huge nutrient  content  in  it  which  basically means it’s healthier for you.”

Alewine advises students to be mindful of their portion sizes. Little things like adding  an  apple  or  some  green  beans to a meal can help the body feel healthier.

 “Setting realistic, small goals is where to start,” said Alewine.

Many make a New Year’s resolution  to  eat  healthy  throughout the year but then tend to get distracted and off track. It is important to set small goals, conquer them little by little and eventually make them bigger. Drinking  one  water  bottle  a day is a reasonable goal, and then next week try to challenge that first goal by drinking two water bottles a day.

“Nutrition is very difficult because it  is  one  of  the  only  things  in  our lives that we have control over,” said Alewine.

Creating other positive habits such as exercise, reading and practicing mindfulness along with healthy eating habits helps with overall well-being and contributes to a healthy mind and positive outlook for the new year.


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