Mindful Meditation

Release Stress In The Snyder Sanctuary 

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 5 p.m. in the Snyder Sanctuary, Professor Mark Luttio guides a meditation and mindfulness session to help students, faculty and staff release anxiety and stress. 

Academia and the hustle and bustle of day-to-day campus activities often leaves students, faculty and staff feeling overwhelmed. Luttio’s mindfulness event offers a safe space for people to reflect on the day and release any tension or anxiety.  Luttio leads attendees in a guided meditation session meant to clear crowded minds and ease anxious thoughts. 

“I believe we live in a very chaotic and stressful world – to say nothing of the stress of being a student. With all the papers and tests and requirements, including extracurricular activities, [it] gets very busy and stressful on college campuses,” said Luttio as he explained his motivation for hosting and guiding the meditation sessions. “I wanted to create a space where we can put all of that aside and declutter our minds and our spirits, our souls and our bodies.”

More often than not, people, especially college students, are constantly doing something: working on assignments or projects, attending meetings, going to class, working on extracurricular activities – the list goes on. When leading such hectic lives, the importance of reserving time to simply be present in the moment cannot be stressed enough. 

“Having the mindfulness program allows me to take time and just be. My week is normally busy, and I am occupied with the day-to-day. However, mindfulness is a time to just be,” said Monique Mahabir, senior. 

Lynn students find it helpful and encouraging to have time scheduled exclusively for relaxation and reflection. 

“My week is very busy. It is great to take a second [to myself]. It is good to be able to not look at my iPad or my phone and not be listening to a lecture,” said Christy Bosnakis, junior.  

The mindfulness program is very helpful for students who want to practice staying in the moment and releasing their stresses and anxieties. For more information about the guided meditation sessions, email Professor Luttio at mluttio@lynn.edu. 

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