Life After Athletics

Preparing For Life Off The Field

Every year, the Hannifan Center for Career Connections hosts ‘Life after Athletics,’ an event where current student athletes can network with employers and learn from alumni about life after competition. 

‘Life After Athletics’ helps student-athletes understand how the learning experiences gained by playing a collegiate sport translate into professional skills in the business world. At ‘Life After Athletics,’ student-athletes learn about behavioral interviewing, which pushes students to create ties between their skills on the field and their leadership abilities off the field. 

“As an athlete, you can just talk to me about your experiences in your sports,” said Marleen Hernandez, recruiter at Enterprise for the South Florida region. “Think about the last time you had to show leadership qualities in your sport or your team.”

Decision-making, commitment, time management and competitiveness are all traits of successful student- athletes that carry significant weight in professional environments. According to Brad Mitchell, managing director at Northwestern Mutual, those characteristics are also one of the reasons the company loves to hire former student athletes. In fact, former Lynn baseball pitcher Rigo Beltran landed a job with Northwestern after getting to know Mitchell at the ‘Life After Athletics’ event four years ago. 

“I recommend to anyone to use the resources available to you at Lynn. Get your name out as much possible,” said Beltran. 

During the final panel discussion, three Lynn alumni and former student- athletes shared their experiences with life after leaving behind the student-athlete lifestyle. For Beltran, the biggest challenge is losing the regular incorporation of the game he played his entire life. Former Lacrosse player Michael Urso explains that being responsible for oneself and not having a structured schedule is very different from the student athlete experience. However, both graduates enjoy their current jobs at Northwestern and ADP.

“Know your own value,” said Urso, who graduated last May. “Get as much interview experience as you can. Even if it might not be the job you want, apply and get some interview experience.” 

The main take-away of the event is to embrace one’s connections and get to know as many people as possible. Lynn alumni are proof that success comes from a good work ethic and positive attitude, two traits vital to all student athletes.  

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