One in Seven Thousand

Using Your Passion To Help The World 

Sherianne Pilarte, a sophomore at Lynn, is part of the Millennium Fellowship, an organization that develops projects to support sustainability in different regions, but she focuses on fashion up-cycling. Only 6% of all 7,000 Millennium Fellowship applicants were accepted. 

Fashion up-cycling uses old or sometimes damaged fabrics to create an entirely new piece of clothing. These pieces are also made by adding other garments, like plastic and recyclable items, to the piece’s design and composition. 

“This organization helps people get involved in whatever they believe in and they’re passionate about,” said Pilarte. “I like fashion, and I never thought I could include fashion in sustainability.”

Pilarte is a co-campus director of the organization, and she works with FDLA (Fashion Designers of Latin America) during important fashion events such as New York Fashion Week and Miami Art Basel. With this organization, they present the designer of the clothing pieces, and they also produce the fashion shows.

“Letting people develop projects based on what they like is definitely the most important thing about this organization,” said Pilarte. 

15 Millennium Fellowship students represented Lynn at the United Nations Academic Impact and MCN (Multi Channel Network Organization). 160 countries were involved with these events, and the students keep in touch with all of the different campuses involved in this organizations around the world. They can team up with other students within this organization internationally to work on their projects. 

“One cool thing about this organization is that if I want to work with someone, let’s say from Kenya, who is working on fashion up-cycling like me, I can pair up with them, and [we can] work on a project together,” said Pilarte. 

This organization is truly incredible, not only because it is very limited as to who can join, but also because they focus on making the world a better place. Pilarte is changing the world one fashion piece at a time through her sustainable up-cycling efforts. 

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