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Kevin Studer is a Well-Known Face Around Campus for his Involvement!
Kevin Studer is a Well-Known Face Around Campus for his Involvement!

iPulse is a daily student publication that attracts many readers. Students and staff pick up a paper from the little blue boxes nearly everyday. What they do not know is the amount of time that an editor will put into creating the paper Lynn loves.

Speaking with one of the newly appointed editors- in-chief, Kevin Studer, it is clear that the workload that goes into creating iPulse on top of his other activities is not light.

Studer starts his morn-ing bright and early to pre- pare himself for a busy day ahead. Skipping the hustle and bustle of the cafeteria, he enjoys breakfast in his room while getting ready.

“I start heading to class right before nine. I am tak- ing all upper level commu- nication classes and dia- logues,” said Studer.

With a few classes out of the way, Studer’s day has only just begun.

By 11 a.m., he is on his way to the first of his two trips to the newsroom.

“While in iPulse, I work on my layouts and put in edits from the editors and whatever else needs to be done at the time,” explained Studer.

He does the layout for the Friday issues, edits each issue throughout the week and writes articles as well.

“My favorite beat to cov- er is entertainment. In high school I was a drama stu- dent, so I was really into en- tertainment,” said Studer. “I started at Lynn as a drama major before switching over to journalism.”

Kevin Studer is a familiar face for his work in Housing and Residence Life, iPulse and other campus organizations. LU Photos.
Kevin Studer is a familiar face for his work in Housing and Residence Life, iPulse and other campus organizations. LU Photos.

After taking a quick break for lunch, it is straight to the newsroom again to continue working on upcoming iPulse editions.

“It takes a lot longer than people realize. I work on Friday issues, so I lay out a 12 pages every single week. Laying out a 12-page issue normally takes an hour and a half,” said Studer. “What people don’t realize is that before iPulse is distributed, it goes through seven rounds of edits between the four editors, our graduate assistant Meaghan Boutwell, Professor Phillips and Professor Varga.”

Studer is also a resident assistant (RA) in Trinity Hall. The job keeps him very busy after he gets done in the newsroom. On Mondays, he has a meeting with his com- munity advisor, Ruth Augus- tin, as well as staff and area meetings every Tuesday.

“Being an RA is crazy, but so much fun. I am on a floor with 37 other boys, and I am constantly doing some- thing for them,” said Studer. “I create the posters for the hallways, host events twice a month and I try to make connections with each of my boys.”

The amount of time that goes into being an RA is more than strenuous. On weekdays, RAs are on duty from 8 p.m. until 8 a.m. and on the weekends, RAs are on duty for a full 24 hours from 8 p.m. one night until 8 p.m. the next night.

“Time management has definitely played a big fac- tor,” said Studer. “When people ask me how I man- age my time, I do not know how to answer, except that I get everything done somehow.”

After classes, he catches a break and can finally sit down, relax, and yes, get some more work done.

“When I leave my room in the morning, I make sure I have everything with me because I know I will not get back until at least five,” said Studer.

Additionally as an RA, Studer is expected to attend many campus events that are held at night. Most re- cently, he volunteered at the Color Run and threw paint at runners as they passed.

Studer is active with many activities on campus. LU Photos.
Studer is active with many activities on campus. LU Photos.

“The color run was a lot of fun,” said Studer. “Some people would run away from the color and I would be like, ‘Then why are you in a Color Run?’”

Studer is also on Knights of the Roundtable as the Knight for Clubs and Orga- nizations, a Student Story- teller for marketing, in the 3.0 program, a volunteer for the Office of Admission and recently finished an internship with the Millennium Campus Network.

“When I give tours and tell potential students about everything I do on campus, they look so surprised,” said Studer. “If I had a tour guide like myself, I think I would have told them that they need to calm down.”

Once midnight rolls around, it is finally time for him to hit the sack.

With the hectic schedule Studer holds, some could consider him to be the athlete of the news room. Constantly working and never resting, it is because of the effort that he and his staff put into the paper that makes it such an enjoyable read.

Clairissa Myatt

Clairissa Myatt is an alumna from Lynn. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in multimedia journalism and a minor in sports management. Over the past year, Myatt has had amazing writing opportunities. From being published in a national magazine for youth sports to being a contributing writer for Elite daily, she is eager for what the future holds for her career. With a passion for fitness and writing, she hopes to be able to combine those two things into a career that never leaves her with a boring day at the office.

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