Free Fitness Classes

FLyWheel Boca Offers Free Classes on Tuesdays

Flywheel in Boca Raton is offering complimentary classes for students and teachers until the end of October. 

The fitness studio offers three diverse classes for anyone to reach their fitness goals. FlyWheel, a high-intensity interval-based stadium cycling course, pushes the limits of physical endurance. Most participants average 20 miles for each ride. 

 “I love taking classes with my Fly friends and watching my performance improve each class. Being able to track my progress is amazing,” said Margaret, client. “While I enjoy the slightly competitive nature of FlyWheel, I also like the concept of riding together as a team.” 

FlyFit (Functional Intense Training), a strength building class, includes heavy weights, intense drills and functional movements to strengthen the entire body and gain muscle. FlyBarre will give your body the ultimate burn. This class involves light weights and high reps to give you that sculpted body and tight core. 

When asked about which class she prefers, student Anna Maldonado said: “It’s hard to pick between FlyFit and FlyBarre, [they make] me feel strong and confident!” 

The studio is staffed with well-rounded elite coaching, having instructors of many fitness backgrounds thus motivating you to be the best that you can be. Also, the instructors strive to make the best playlists to suit everyone’s motivational sync. 

“[My music taste is] extremely subjective, so I try to hit as many genres as possible to please the masses,” said barre and cycle instructor Tara Palsha Moats. “My attempt is to put top 40 pop, classic rock, alternative rock, hip hop, Motown and Latin songs in every playlist.”

The studio is equipped with a friendly staff that will gladly assist you setting up your bike, barre and fit equipment. People of all ages and physical fitness levels are welcomed to enter a class. The studio is a short distance from Lynn University, making it an accessible way to switch up your workout. 

After a hard workout one can walk next door to Raw Juice for a replenisher. Take advantage of free classes every Tuesday from now until the end of October. Towels and shoes are provided.

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