Hurricane Dorian Impacts Lynn Senior

Giovanni Morris Works With Administration to Organize Donation Drive

The Bahamas suffered from Hurricane Dorian, landing as a category five hurricane when it hit the islands making landfall at Elbow Cay. Not only did this hurricane affect those who were in the Bahamas but those who reside on Lynn’s campus as well.

The Bahamas is a well-known vacation spot, but for many it is considered home. Giovanni Morris, a senior studying aviation management is a native Bahamian. He comes from the island of Great Abaco, an area located just south of where Dorian made its initial blow within the Bahamas.

During the storm, Morris remained on campus with hope that his family was safe. There is a community of people from the Bahamas found on campus, including within the newest class of 2023. Midst while adjusting to college, many freshmen were worried about the safety of their loved ones.

“I was unable to communicate at all [with my direct family] during the storm”, said Morris. “My grandma from a different island texted me and told me that my family had to the leave the house and seek shelter elsewhere because the home was taking in water and the roof had been torn off”.

Morris is on a mission to help the Bahamas in any way he can, starting with the development of a drive as supported by Lynn University. “I have been in contact with various departments on campus including CSI [Center for Student Involvement], Admissions and President Ross who approved to begin a donation drive as well as fundraising for the islands.” said Morris. He is happy to be a part of the effort and lead the support that the university has generously provided.

On Sept. 7, Morris had the opportunity to bring supplies to the island and return his family to safety. He was happy to see them and relieved to know that they were okay. The Bahamas are actively trying to rebuild and are in acceptance of constant donations.

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