Recovering From Dorian’s Destruction

How Lynn, America, and the Bahamas Were Impacted by the Storm 

In this special edition of iPulse, we cover Dorian’s path and progression, how the storm impacted different parts of the world, and the relief efforts organized by the university and South Florida. 

The world watched as historic Hurricane Dorian evolved from a tropical storm into the record-breaking category five hurricane that demolished parts of the Bahamas, threatened multiple coastal states, and now looms over Canada as a post-tropical cyclone with maximum sustained winds of 100 m.p.h., according the National Hurricane Center update on Sept. 7. 

Since the life-threatening storm conditions have passed Florida, efforts are well underway to provide aid to the Bahamas. iPulse staff interviewed current Lynn University students, faculty members and staff to bring our readers all the information about donation drives, individuals making a difference, and much more.

In addition to covering the storm’s path and the Bahamian aid efforts, we also discuss what Lynn’s residential students did to entertain themselves during the university’s lockdown. 

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