Emily Watts, a psychology major from Long Island, has leveraged her time management abilities to balance her studies and off-campus occupation during her two years at Lynn. 

Watts, in her second year of the 3.0 accelerated degree program, has always had a passion for staying busy. Although she has had extensive practice in balancing both work and school obligations, it has been rough from time to time. 

“There are times when things can get really overwhelming, usually when there’s a bump in the road,” she said. “For the most part when I’m in my routine, it becomes easier.”

Watts has seen first-hand how some students struggle managing a multitude of roles and responsibilities simultaneously. With that, she encourages students to prioritize their schedule to ensure they hit on all cylinders.

“Besides working part-time as a server at Tap 42, I intern part-time at the Alliance for Eating Disorders [Awareness] and am an active Psi Chi member,” said Watts. “The most important thing for me is my calendar. [I must] prioritize and be content with sometimes spending time on schoolwork rather than doing things with my friends.” 

Watts also recommends completing assignments before the due dates, allowing individuals to feel less overwhelmed as the semester nears its end. Plus, staying ahead of schedule brings the added benefit of additional free time.  

Although balancing can quickly become overwhelming, Watts has found a love for her role as a server. A firm believer in teamwork, she has thrived in her position at Tap 42.

“My favorite part about serving is that it’s an active job and I’m constantly meeting new people,” she said. 

While her fellow college students may find themselves increasingly more stressed with numerous obligations surrounding them, Watts has made it a point to offer others advice and reassurance.

“Make sure you surround yourselves with friends that support your lifestyle,” she said. “Prioritize, surround yourself with a lot of good energy and stay on top of your work. The rest will fall into place.”

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