Ross Weisman and Samuel Kaye, two local entrepreneurs with a desire to make the world a better place, have attempted to end the world’s gift card epidemic by creating Gwick, the first social gifting app. 

A recent report from MarketWatch indicated that consumers spend more than $130 billion on gift cards per year; of that amount,  $1 billion is unaccounted.  Weisman and Kaye are giving consumers the opportunity to never misplace, forget or have a gift card go unused again. 

“With the evolution of technology, people are taking shortcuts when it comes to meaningful celebration in their friend’s and family’s lives,” said Weisman, the company’s CEO. “With Gwick, we use technology to our advantage to create the only social gifting application today.”

Weisman came up with Gwick while attending Florida Atlantic University. There, he realized birthdays should consist of more than just the standard “Happy Birthday!” text message, stemming his creative process. 

“I asked myself, ‘How could I make the gifting experience more meaningful without trying to change the way people operate today,’” he said. 

Gwick enables users to send virtual gift cards to friends and family in seconds, no matter how far away.  The app allows individuals to attach a video or a picture with a personalized message to any card. Plus, Gwick users can follow their friends through the app’s paramount newsfeed component.

Once a Gwick is sent, the gift card is then stored within a mobile wallet. Users simply show the bar code associated with the gift card to the clerk when looking to pay. 

With hundreds of shops at the fingertips of most in the modern era, the opportunities are endless with Gwick. An array of restaurants, hotels, airlines, car services, gaming spots and bookstores are partnered with Gwick. On top of these options, users are given the chance to gift to a charity of their choice as well. 

The app currently has a $5 for $10 Chipotle promotion.  Nike, Saks Fifth Avenue, GameStop, Bed Bath & Beyond, Uber, Hulu and many others can all be found on Gwick as well.  For more information, visit gwick.com or find it on Instagram @gwick.app. 

Ben Hirschman

Benjamin Hirschman is a senior majoring in multimedia journalism. Originally from Potomac, Md., Hirschman initially came to Lynn as a business major in 2014. Since switching majors, he has interned at Sports Immortals Museum and collegehoops.com.

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