Now that Christine’s has been open for more than a month, students and visitors alike have enjoyed a plethora of both savory and sweet menu options.

The spacious restaurant offers a variety of choices, ideal for those seeking a more refined atmosphere for a meal with friends or even a casual environment to finish homework and spend time with others.

“I have been to Christine’s with my friends, and the food was incredibly good,” said Sophie Meza, junior. “I had the Guajillo-Adobo grilled jumbo shrimp salad. It was very savory and truly delicious.” 

The nachos from Christine’s, featuring tortilla chips, pulled BBQ pork, cheese and sriracha, have also been popular with diners alike.

“When I went to Christine’s, I had the nachos,” said Sylvia Dellecave, sophomore. “Without a doubt, nachos are the way to go for all who stop by to (order) something.” 

However, nachos are not the only option that has students buzzing.  In fact, a simple American classic has given students something to rave about in recent weeks.

“When I went to Christine’s for the first time, I was so pumped to try the grilled cheese and tomato soup,” said Kathie Van Middlesworth, sophomore. “That’s my favorite food and it was so well done.  It was exactly what I expected, truly impeccable.”  

Since its official opening, students have also come to appreciate the affordability of many of the menu items at Christine’s.

“Not only does [Christine’s] have great food, but it is priced competitively with many other restaurants off campus,” said Natalia Narvaez, senior.

With a multitude of options from which to choose, Christine’s offers a unique dining experience for students, faculty, staff and even outside parties as well.  Keeping its goal to create an inviting atmosphere in mind, the restaurant appears to have succeeded in its initial weeks of existence.

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