Beehive Kitchen, a new restaurant on NE 5th Avenue in east Boca, takes a unique approach to providing healthy food.

By incorporating fresh ingredients, colorful veggies and flavorful sauces, eating green is no longer a challenge with Beehive Kitchen. Whether patrons are on-the-go or dining in, the location stakes its claim on offering honest food served right before guests’ eyes.

After hosting its recent grand opening, Beehive Kitchen has welcomed countless diners looking for a fresh meal through its doors. A creation-based restaurant, Beehive allows customers to build their own bowls with bases, proteins, vegetables and endless sauces. 

“I love being able to go to a healthy spot that’s fast, nutritious and affordable,” said Zach Miller, senior. “When having a busy day, it’s nice to have a place to depend on that fits within my diet. I prefer Beehive over its competitors.”

Similar to Fresh Kitchen and Bolay, Beehive steps up the game by integrating a unique blend of cuisines. Menu options such as sesame citrus tofu, Thai coconut curry and fresh-made guacamole allow individuals to create infinite combinations.

Beehive prides itself on serving customers food that they can feel good about. Each of the location’s meats and proteins are hormone and antibiotic-free. In addition, the majority of menu items are gluten-free and made from scratch.

“What makes us different is how much we value customer service. This is not fast food. We interact with customers, taking the time to talk with each and every one of them,” said Gonzalo Monjelos, manager.

Whether it is lemon basil quinoa with barbeque pork or sweet potato noodles and ahi tuna, the possibilities at Beehive Kitchen are endless. To learn more about what all of the buzz is about, visit​.

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